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Swiftcore Swiftiply Change Summary

The changes and enhancements from 0.6.1 are substantial. You can always view the detailed change log at http://src.swiftiply.swiftcore.org:8900/ to see everything.

  • Much improved static file handling, supporting internal caching, etag support, and IF-MODIFIED-SINCE header handling.
  • Much improved logging. In addition to a default Swiftiply log, each separate incoming section can have it's own log. Great for using swiftiply to host a lot of sites/apps. The logging of static file requests now includes more information, as well. Logging system is modular. Analogger, file, and stdout modes currently exist, but additional ones could be written and plugged in.
  • OSX installs work right.
  • X-Forwarded-For headers inserted, if you need it.
  • SSL support (works, but is incomplete).
  • Ability to apply masks to the static file handling. Great if you need to support a PHP app in your site; just allow requests for PHP files through:
    staticmask: \.php$
    and then have a component/route/handler/whatever in your app that invokes a PHP php runner. I am using this in production in several places for low traffic PHP and Perl CGI applications used in sites that are otherwse mostly Ruby based.
  • Ability to route requests to different backends based on the URL.
  • Sophisticated caching of static files and etags. The caching mechanism allows for a size limited cache, and one can configure how often the whole cache is guaranteed to be swept for freshness. Read more about the cache sweeping and configuration options in the documentation.
  • HUP handling works right.
  • Added fast static file handling and rails style pagecache handling.
  • Added support for redeployable requests.
  • Added HUP handling.
  • Bug fixes.
  • Performance enhancements.
  • Fixed error handling bugs.
  • Fixed post/file upload bug.

Initial Release