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Swiftcore Swiftiply TODO Items

Here is the current list of items which may be added/changed upcoming releases.

0.6.3 -- It's tested and done. This site has been running the final version for a while. We'll have it on this site and rubyforge shortly.

SSL Support

Swiftiply supports SSL, now.

HTTP Caching & Performance

In the near term, handling of HTTP caching directives and some performance related changes are going to be done.

Improved Logging

Improved logging so that one has more feedback about what Swiftiply is doing.

Patches to swiftiply_mongrel_rails

Some patches have been contributed back to improve swiftiply_mongrel_rails; these improve usability quite a bit.


A couple of reported bugs will be fixed.

Request Processing Hook

By popular demand, a hook into the request processing will be added in order to permit user extensions to the regular Swiftiply request handling.

Byte Range Requests

I did not get this added. Looking at doing a 0.6.4 in a week or so to include this.

0.7.0 -- a month or so

Advanced Cluster Management

Builtin monitoring of node health, management of nodes, performance monitoring, dynamic performance tuning, fault tolerance.

Plugin support for inbound/outbound tranformations

These are transformations on the data stream, applied at the application container level, not up at the proxy level itself. This plugin support will enable things like SAML or XACML plugins for adding enterprise authentication controls to any app, or adding ESI handling.

Performance Enhancements

Swiftiply is already fast, but with 0.7.0 we should be delivering optimizations at all levels, providing even better throughput.